Jesus Next Door Activity March 23


READ:  Matthew 6:5-15 -
What would it look like if heaven invaded our world? I think we can all agree we need it. Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray using the Lord's Prayer. Jesus starts by acknowledging and praising God. He is holy (hallowed) and a good Father! He asks for His will be to be done on earth as it is in heaven - change our will to Yours, God! What would our little worlds look like if we asked God to use us make earth look a little more like heaven?
EXPERIENCE THE STORY: Learn The Lord's Prayer 
  • This Lord's Prayer poster from House Mix Blog is a great resource. It has pictures to help little ones remember the prayer. 
  • Give each person in your family a section of the Lord's Prayer 
    • This varies on how many people are in your group and obviously the age of the group. 
    • If you have younger ones, consider doing this as one group. 
  • Encourage each person to come up with motions for their part of the prayer. 
    • This can be anything! Let them be creative.
  • Take turns teaching each part to the group.
  • Say the prayer together, doing the motions.
REFLECT: (Page 68 Jesus Next Door)
  • What people, places, and things do you talk to God about in prayer?
  • Do you ask God to use you to do His will on earth - do you ask Him to help you love others?
  • What part of the Lord's Prayer is easy for you to pray? What part is hard?
    • Share yours first, to give an example.
PRAY: (Page 68 Jesus Next Door)
  • God, please help me to know you as a good Father and the King you are.
  • God, please help me to care about Your kingdom and how I can obey You. 
  • God, please help me to live in such a way that heaven touches earth through my life
  • God, please help every person I am around today love you and know you as Father.

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