Make A Praise Wall Activity

Make A Praise Wall

READ:  John 3: 22-33

Lots of people thought John the Baptist was the Messiah. But we know he was just a messenger. He told the crowds in this passage that he is not the messiah, he is just telling people about the messiah. He told the crowds that everything he did was to make more people know the true Messiah, Jesus. He said there needs to more of Jesus and less of him. This does not mean God does not love you are that you are not loved - this means that Jesus is greater than all and deserves ALL of our praise and worship!
  • Give everyone a post it note or an index card and a writing utensil. 
  • Little ones can draw a picture, big ones can draw or write things they love about Jesus. 
    • Ask what makes Jesus the Name above all names. 
    • Ask what He has done for them that makes them worship Him. 
    • Ask why He is greater than all!
  • Designate an open wall space or a door or window and stick your praises in the space so you can be reminded that Jesus deserves all of our praise. 
  • Consider spending some time together in worship. 
    • HERE is a link to Branch Kids worship videos.
Here is a praise wall we did in NextGen with the interns last summer.
Post yours to the Branch Families Facebook Group!
REFLECT: (Page 51 Jesus Next Door)
  • Who has God used to help you see Jesus more clearly? 
  • What was it about that person that made Jesus more visible to you?
  • How can you show other people who Jesus is? 
  • How are your actions and words showing that sometimes you think everything is about you?
PRAY: (Page 51 Jesus Next Door)
  • God, please show me any places in my life where I am still competing with You to be #1. 
  • God, please use my life to show Jesus to others. 
  • God, please give me the heart of John the Baptist, who genuinely longed to see Jesus lifted high. 
  • God, please free each person around me from any sin that enslaves them.