Go The Extra Mile Activity


READ:  Matthew 5:38-42 -
Following Jesus is not easy - it is sometimes hard to love others and go the extra mile, especially when it is inconvenient. But, Jesus was serious when He told us to Love God and Love others above all else! Read this excerpt from Jesus Next Door, page 55:
"I believe God has great plans for your life, but the reality is that his plans rarely feel convenient. His dreams typically don't align with our pals and calendars as seamlessly as we would like them too. Obedience to Jesus often comes with inconvenience. And yet there is great joy to be found as we go the extra mile!"

REFLECT: (Page 56 Jesus Next Door)
  • How do you usually respond when you have a chance to go the extra mile?
  • Who is someone you know who could use some help - someone you could go the extra mile with/for? 
  • What ways can we do this together - since we are at home most of the time these days?

PRAY: (Page 56 Jesus Next Door)
  • God, help me to obey you, even when it is hard. 
  • God, help me to go above and beyond what is expected of me as I love You and love others by serving them. Even if it is inconvenient.
  • God, please use my life to show other people Jesus. 
  • God, please give me opportunities to go the extra mile for those around me.

  • Give each child paper and supplies to draw a picture for each of your immediate neighbors - maybe those on your apartment floor or down your block.
  • On the back of their drawings, write a note from you, including your number, offering help in anyway you can if they need it. You never know what your neighbors are facing - maybe they cannot get out and need groceries or supplies.
  • Take a walk and post the pictures on their doors or porches.
  • Go the extra mile : )