See Jesus More Clearly Activity

See Jesus More Clearly

READ:  Mark 8:22-26 -
This story is beautiful - and really touches me. I don't think this story is about Jesus having to "try again" to heal the man completely - I think it speaks to how sometimes I am seeing Jesus with "blurry vision". As Dave Clayton says, " seek the second touch of God."

"Is it possible that your vision of Jesus and His purpose for your life amount the people closest to you is still blurry? - Dave Clayton

EXPERIENCE THE STORY: Colored Water Made Clear 
  • Fill a glass or jar about halfway full with water.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring. Stir the liquid to make it colored.
  • Pour bleach into the glass until the color starts to disappear. You can stir the contents of the glass if you like or even pour the mixture between two glasses. The longer you let the mixture sit - the clearer it will become.
  • Watch a video HERE if you do not have the supplies. 
  • SAY: The food coloring made the water colored - it was no longer clear. The bleach makes the water clear again through a chemical reaction that breaks down the bonds between molecules in the food coloring! Bleach contains sodium hypochlorite, which is an oxidizer. This process means the molecules cannot absorb and reflect light the same way. I think it is like what happens to us when spend more time with Jesus through prayer, worship, reading the Bible, having moments like this together - it changes the way that we see Him and the way we reflect Him to others.
  • Go into the reflection questions:
REFLECT: (Page 71 Jesus Next Door)
  • In what ways is your vision of Jesus blurry?
  • What is disappointing you so much that it is blinding you from the truth about who Jesus is?
  • Where do you struggle to see Jesus as the loving Savior He is because of things around you?
PRAY: (Page 71 Jesus Next Door)
  • God, please show me where my vision of Jesus is blurry.
  • God, please remove anything standing between me and a clear view of Jesus. 
  • God, please open the eyes of the people around me so they can see Jesus clearly.
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