Testify Activity


READ:  John 1:35-42 -
I love this story! Andrew is SO excited to run and tell his brother that he found the Messiah! SO EXCITED! the Bible says it was the first thing he did - ran and told his brother. When have you had "God Moments" you want to share with others - let's talk about them! 

  • Based on your own family preference, give everyone an opportunity to think about a time when they experienced God in a life-changing way. This may be when you first knew Jesus as Savior, or it may be a moment of provision or comfort or healing, etc. Basically - it can be any time you experienced God's love and power in your life. 
  • REMEMBER - do not let your kids off the hook - they do not receive a JR. Holy Spirit. God is at work in their lives, too! If they are having trouble coming up with something, these prompts may help:
    • How do you know that God is real? 
    • Have you ever heard God speak to you? (This can be audible, like Samuel, or within their mind) 
    • Have you ever felt incredibly happy when you are learning about, praying, worshipping or talking about Jesus? 
  • Take turns sharing your stories and let this be a reminder to SHARE our testimonies with each other so that God will be glorified! 
  • Parents - model this for your kids! That is how they learn : )

PRAY: (Page 76 Jesus Next Door)
  • God, help me feel Your presence today! 
  • God, help me make Jesus my focus today. 
  • God, please fill me with joy so that others can see You, through me!