Go, Stop, Go Activity

Never Be Too Busy 

READ:  Mark 5:21-43 - (Find more on this story in Jesus Next Door, pg. 77)
  • Read the passage together
  • There is no magic way to teach scripture to your kids - let them lead the discussion.
  • If you do not have answers - it is okay to say that! - ask God for wisdom, and seek the answer, together!
  • The win is spending time in God's word and in prayer with your kids. Everything else is icing!

  • Go outside and designate a beginning spot, and an ending spot - they need to be pretty far apart. 
  • Line kids up and tell them they are going from point A to point B and they have to (insert crazy transportation style here - fly like a bird, hop like a kangaroo, army crawl, skip, etc.)
  • After kids begin, yell, "STOP" and tell them to run to another location and wait for you to meet them there. While there, have them say one of these prayers - out loud. (There will be three stops total): 
    • FIRST STOP: God, please help me see when other people are in pain and remind me to stop what I am doing and pray for them. 
    • SECOND STOP: God, please help me know what to say when I am around people in pain and help me know how to act. 
    • THIRD STOP: God, please help (INSERT NAME OF SOMEONE ON THEIR HEART) see your goodness and know you love them. 
  • After each respective prayer, say go again and let the kids head back to their end point. 
  • After they have stopped three separate times (or as many as you choose), talk about the story and how Jesus was interrupted TWICE (once by Jairus and once by the woman in the crowd). He did not lose His patience, He stopped and He helped them. 
  • Discuss ways you can stop and see each other's needs while you are all sheltering-in, together.